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NT Trading™ Titanium Abutment

$ 79.99

NT Trading™ Custom Titanium Abutments are milled with NT-Trading Preform abutments. 

FDA Cleared Titanium Abutments

The following Series are compatible with:       

BIO-Series - BioHorizons™ Internal

CAM-Series - Camlog™ Implants

E-Series - Nobel Biocare™ Replace Select

F-Series - Nobel Biocare™ Nobel Active

H-Series - Biomet 3i™ Certain

HIO-Series - Hiossen™ Implants

I-Series - Biomet 3i™ Osseotite

K-Series - Nobel Biocare™ Branemark

MIS-Series - MIS™ Implants / Seven™ Implants 

N-Series - Straumann™ SynOCta

NEO-Series - NEOSS™ Implants

R-Series - Zimmer™/Tapered Screw-Vent

S-Series - Astra Tech™ Implant System OsseoSpeed TX, DENTSPLY Implants

SEV-Series - DENTSPLY Implants® Astra Tech Implant System™ EV

T-Series - Dentsply™/Friadent™ Frialit, Xive

    Each Trademark, Registered name is the property of their respective owners


    Gold Anodization

    Gold Anodization is an extra feature available on Custom Titanium Abutments. Gold Anodization provides a rich color that helps mimic a patient's dentition, provides better esthetics than standard titanium abutments. Try Gold Anodization on your next implant case. 

    About NT Trading 

    Innovation and quality at the highest level combined with a fair value-for-money ratio make nt-trading the ideal partner in the field of implant technology.
    We research, we develop, produce and offer something really new – and all of it is „Made in Germany“. nt-trading is a globally operating company, our products and our production processes meet the high safety requirements of the health authorities in Europe, Canada and the USA.
    We impress through our innovational strength and the excellent quality of our products, as evidenced by our constantly growing circle of customers. Convince yourself!

    Notice for STL File Uploads

    You will need NT Trading Scan Bodies, and CAD File Libraries. 

    All Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 

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    Ha V.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Custom Abutment

    Great service support and easy to use. Good quality

    Mahdi A.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Good fit

    The zirconia crowns fit the abutments, very good product.

    Mark G.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Custom abutments and crowns fit great!

    The designed custom abutments and crowns all fit great from one design!

    alan m.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product

    Great Custom Abutments.

    These are a great way to guarantee the best results. This product provides the ultimate support and contour for cleansible and abutment supported crowns. The crowns are Alien HT.

    Alien Milling Technologies NT Trading™ Titanium Abutment ReviewAlien Milling Technologies NT Trading™ Titanium Abutment ReviewAlien Milling Technologies NT Trading™ Titanium Abutment ReviewAlien Milling Technologies NT Trading™ Titanium Abutment Review

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    Ask a Question
    • Donyou mill osstem tsiii / Hiossen es iii ?

      As of December 2017, we do not service those implants 

    • Can you work with Neoss Implants?

      Not at this time. 
      We will announce new supported systems via our newsletter. 

    • If a request a custom hybrid abutment , the product that you'll sent to me will be in one piece?

      No It will come in 2 Pieces. A Zr Abutment, and a Titanium Interface. 

    • Hi. Regarding your custom abutments, can I send you an impression with transfer coping and lab analogue and have you make the custom abutment? If so, what is my total cost? Also, can you do the crown on the abutment as well off of the same impression? If yes, what then is my cost assuming cement retained alien zirconia crown stained and glazed? Thanks

      At this time we are not accepting impressions for custom abutments, or Implant Crowns. The Lab Analog, needs to be placed inside the poured model before shipment, to ensure accuracy of the abutment design. 

      Yes, we can make a "Split File" Design on the same case to fabricate both Crown and Abutment. 

      The total costs can be easily calculated on each prescription. We can not give pricing on the "answers" portion as prices may change in the future. 

      Thank you

    • If I take a trios scan with an NT trading scan body and want a custom abutment and Zirconium crown, I'm guessing I have to design the abutment. Assuming I can figure out how to get the data out of 3Shape and design with Articon, what is the turnaround time and workflow for the abutment and the crown? Will it remain modeless? Thanks

      You may design your abutment and crown with Dental Designer from 3Shape. Articon is not a Design service. They will simply install the CAD libraries necassary for the 3Shape Design system to recognize the NT Trading Scan Bodies. 

      If you would rather have us design your case, you may submit it through 3shape communicate. 

      When placing your order, select Intra-Oral Scanner, and then select 3Shape Trios. 

      You will need to place one "Prescription" for the abutment, and one for the crown. 

      The whole process will remain modelless. The turnaround time will be 3-4 days. 

      Thank you 

    • How do you design the tissue displacement for your abutments?

      Normally, between 0.5 to 1.2mm subgingival.

    • is it possible to air abrade the custom abutment?


    • Where can I purchase NT scan body for HiOssen implants?

      Right Here ---> NT Trading Scan Bodies 

      You will need the Hio Series 


    • Can I attach more than one STL file?

      For abutments this is not available. 
      For Crowns and Copings we have Anti-Gravity which allows this function.

    • hello do u take sirona scan bodies ?

      As of 12-17-2020 we do not accept sirona scan bodies.

    • What is youre warranty on custom abuts?

      3 Years

    • Do you work with Straumann BLX implants?

      As of 11-12-20 we do not restore Bone Level implants by Straumann

    • how much custom astra ev abutment from our model including shipment?

      We charge $20 extra to scan and design an abutment from your model. 
      Please feel free to price it out according to your needs, using the dynamic presciption above.

    • Can you accept and ship custom abutments to Trinadad & Tabago?




    • I need to upload more stl files

      Hi There, 

      Each STL File needs it's own prescription. 

    • If I order a custom abutment and a zirconia crown. Can I get the crown with a hole in the occlusal to do a hybrid screw-retained/cemented technique?

      For Screw retained crowns, please choose any one of our Implant Crowns. 

    • What scan bodies do you accept when sending our scans in for custom abutments?

      We design based off of NT Trading Scan Bodies 

    • can you mill a titanium abutment for Strauman 2.9?

      We only carry the Straumann SynOcta by NT Trading. 
      We carry 3.5mm NN, 4.8mm RN, 6.5mm WN

    • If I send a Trios scan of an Elos scan body on a nobel active narrow platform implant, can you make a custom abutment and the final crown at once? Will you need any additional data?

      It would have to be a NT Trading Scan Body. We do not work with Elos. 
      The Series for Nobel Active Narrow is F3.5

    • is there a way to send a cerec inlab scan to you? i have bought the STL conversion.

      Yes  Just select "Upload Jaw Scans - Design Service" on the prescription.  It will then ask you to upload Upper Jaw, Lower Jaw, Bite Scan.   Thank you 

    • Question 1: When milling abutment, do you at same time mill also crown with screw channel? So I can send you a digital scan of scanbody, you design both abutment and crown for me with groove in abutment? And do you also cement the crown? Question 2: you mill osstem tsiii / Hiossen es iii ? As of December 2017, we do not service those implants --> they are compatible to astra implants, so why not?

      For Question 1 the answer is yes. 
      For Question 2: we are getting to launch 5 new implant systems. Hiossen will be one of them 

    • Do you sell milling machine for abutmant

      As of 9-20-18 we do not.