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NT Trading™ Zirconia Hybrid Abutment

$ 45.00

NT Trading™ Custom Zirconia Hybrid Abutments with FDA Approved  NT-Trading Titanium Base interface. 

 FDA Cleared Titanium Base Interfaces

Our Hybrid Abutments come packaged with a FDA Approved Titanium Base Interfaces. 

The following Series are compatible with:       

BIO-Series - BioHorizons™ Internal

CAM-Series - Camlog™ Implants

E-Series - Nobel Biocare™ Replace Select

F-Series - Nobel Biocare™ Nobel Active

H-Series - Biomet 3i™ Certain

HIO-Series - Hiossen™ Implants

I-Series - Biomet 3i™ Osseotite

K-Series - Nobel Biocare™ Branemark

MIS-Series - MIS™ Implants / Seven™ Implants 

N-Series - Straumann™ SynOCta

NEO-Series - NEOSS™ Implants

R-Series - Zimmer™/Tapered Screw-Vent

S-Series - Astra Tech™ Implant System OsseoSpeed TX, DENTSPLY Implants

SEV-Series - DENTSPLY Implants® Astra Tech Implant System™ EV

T-Series - Dentsply™/Friadent™ Frialit, Xive

    Each Trademark, Registered name is the property of their respective owners

    About NT Trading 

    Innovation and quality at the highest level combined with a fair value-for-money ratio make nt-trading the ideal partner in the field of implant technology.
    We research, we develop, produce and offer something really new – and all of it is „Made in Germany“. nt-trading is a globally operating company, our products and our production processes meet the high safety requirements of the health authorities in Europe, Canada and the USA.
    We impress through our innovational strength and the excellent quality of our products, as evidenced by our constantly growing circle of customers. Convince yourself!


    Notice for STL File Uploads

    You will need NT Trading Scan Bodies, and CAD File Libraries. 


    All Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. 

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    Ask a Question
    • IF i had been designed STL file with Tru-scan body , do you make a NT Hybrid abutment? is this $45 included in ti-base and zirconia abutment part and cementation fee?

      No the price is $45 for the Zirconia portion only. 
      Since you designed with a DME library other than Dess, we will not be able to provde the Ti-Base. 
      You would have to purchase the Ti-base from the DME's owner, and cement it yourself.

    • I do not see the L-series Straumann Bone Level abutments available. Please advise.

      We do not support the L Series as of this time. 
      Please check back in the future.

    • Am I able to get OEM screws if requested?

      No we only provide screws from NT Trading as of 05/24/2021

    • I need to make a zirconia hybrid custom abutment. I have the impression. Do I need to order the model analog and ti base from you, then pour up the model and send it to to you for the scanning design and milling of the zirconia abutment part or there is a short way of just sending the model and you do the rest?

      Hi There, 

      You can order the analog from us, pour up the model, and ship it to us. 
      You can order the Ti-Base from the Hybrid Zirconia Prescription, or order the Ti-Base seperatley from the supply page. 

      The difference is if you order from the prescription page, we will fit the abutment to the ti-base, cement it, and ensure propert milling. 
      If you order from the supply page, you would have to do this yourself, hence the price difference. 

    • What's means NT trading? And Which ones are the NT Trading Scan Bodies? Where can I get them? Thank you.

      We sell them on our site. 
      Please see our Scan Bodies Page

    • I scanned a nobel active rp 4.3 with a sirona nba 5.0 l scan post. It is for tooth #10 and the angulation of the implant is not allowing a satisfactory abutment design. Can I send the case to you for abutment fabrication using the sirona scan post or do I need to oder a nobel one?

      For us to fabriacate it, you will need to scan it with an NT Trading Scan Body. 

    • is a screw retained zirconia crown on a Ti abutment(custom) available. who does the design?

      Yes it consists of ordering 2 products 
      A Custom Titanium Abutment  and an Implant crown 

      Please ensure the Case id is the same for both scripts.

    • On your Custom Zirconia Hybrid Abutment, i could design it to fit any base, right? If you are only milling the zirc abutment and if i have the brand ti base i like then it would be no different than say milling a crown. I shouldn't have to use nt trading. I understand if it was solid metal abutment but there should be no limitations if milled in zirconia and i have the base.

      That is correct 

    • Do you mill Tibase zirconia abutments for the Astra EV implants? I have one that is a 3.0, which I know is usually too small for zirconia, but I would like it to be a screw-retained crown, so I'm hoping I could get the Tibase, along with a zirconia abutment/core that I can layer some porcelain on. Then hopefully it will have enough material thickness for zirconia? Is this possible? Thanks, Chelsea

      No we currently do not mill Astra EV Implants. 

    • Sending models forcustom abutment. Need to send solid model with pink gum or sectined model with pink gum? What I will get back?custom abutment with screws,lab and clinical? What s turnaround time? Will zirc abutment with titanium base will be one piece already?thanks

      You will see better results if the model is unsectioned. 
      Pink Tissue is Necessary for correct margin adaptation. 
      The prescription offers the option to receive Lab screw, and Final Screw (Clincial) 
      Turnaround Time is 4-5 Business Days 
      The Zirconia and Tibase will not be cemeneted, unless specified in the Specific Instructions.