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NT-Trading™ Scan Body

$ 40.00

NT-trading Scan Body

NT trading Scan Body 3D-Guide® for high-precision implant position transfer.

Scan body 3D-Guide

For intra - extra oral scanning, made of peek material, no need for spray.

    The following Series are compatible with:       

    BIO-Series - BioHorizons™ Internal

    CAM-Series - Camlog™ Implants

    E-Series - Nobel Biocare™ Replace Select

    F-Series - Nobel Biocare™ Nobel Active

    H-Series - Biomet 3i™ Certain

    HIO-Series - Hiossen™ Implants

    I-Series - Biomet 3i™ Osseotite

    K-Series - Nobel Biocare™ Branemark

    MIS-Series - MIS™ Implants / Seven™ Implants 

    N-Series - Straumann™ SynOCta

    NEO-Series - NEOSS™ Implants

    R-Series - Zimmer™/Tapered Screw-Vent

    S-Series - Astra Tech™ Implant System OsseoSpeed TX, DENTSPLY Implants

    T-Series - Dentsply™/Friadent™ Frialit, Xive


    Sold in conjuction with Articon USA. 

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    • is this a single use item or can it be re-used according to instructions for use- can you provide instructions for use please.

      It can be re-used.

    • If I place Bio-Max implants, since they are Nobel Active compatible, if I place the appropriate NT trading scan body can you restore them? Thank you!

      Yes we can.