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NexxZr SageMax Solid Zirconia

$ 32.00


NexxZr T was the industry-pushing translucent zirconia introduced in 2011 and is what Sagemax was founded on. With a translucency factor of >34 1-CR% (1.0mm) you will see excellent results.


Sagemax does an extensive amount of testing, including radioactivity testing, on our zirconia before it even goes into production to ensure that our quality remains consistent and our products are 100% safe.


Sagemax goes the extra step of individually isostatically pressing our discs to ensure that the blank is consistently dense throughout the disc resulting in even shrinkage throughout the disc.


All blanks are made in our production facilities in Federal Way, WA, USA located just south of Seattle in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

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  • What is this user for?

    Crown and Bridge Restorations. 

  • Does the Nexxzr T come shaded or is it all white?

    We mill Pre-Shaded Blocks. No Dipping around here. 

  • Is this for dentist only? How about the mold?

    The use of this site is for Dental Professionals. 

  • What are your prices on full zirconia crowns when I send in just a model?Returned unglazed.

    As of 11/12/16 

    The Price for an Sagemax Solid Zirconia is $32
    Scan and Design Fee from model is $8

    Prices may change without prior notice 

  • Do you offer Sagemax NexxZr Plus Ultra? If so, are the Preshaded, 16 Vita shades available yet? After clicking link below, click COLORING button on website for more info. Thanks! Scott

    Hi Scott, 

    No we only offer the Standard NexxZr Sagemax at the moment. 
    If we get more requests, we will consider offering their new material. 

    Thank you 

  • I would like to know all of the zirconia strength measurement of Mpa?

    You can use the "Compare" feature to compare all of the materials we mill.