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Alien 8 - Ultimate Full Arch Restoration

$ 2,200.00

Alien 8
The Ultimate Full Arch  Restoration. 

Introducing the ultimate in Implant Supported Full Arch Restorations. This one of a kind, custom designed, and milled restoration consists of only the best materials available in the market. These materials are sourced from around the world to bring you life like esthetics, strong flexural support, and lightweight to reduce jaw muscle fatigue. Let's take a look at the 8 components that make up the Alien 8. 




1. Precise Cuts

To create a world class product, you must build a solid foundation. Alien 8 is strictly milled on the Alien AR5, the most advanced milling machine to date. We didn't stop there. We customized the strategy for extra fine thimble margins. We took it a step further. With the help of VHF, we customized a tool specifically designed for Tri-Lor Material. 

2. Super Substructure 

 We have to call this the super substructure, because it carries everything. This substructure not only needs to be strong, but also needs to have a semi-flexible characteristic to ensure jaw muscle forces. Tri-Lor by Harvest Dental is our preferred choice for this job. 

3. Alien Extreme Crowns

This was a no brainer. How do you offer a world class implant restoration, without the most advanced and esthetic zirconia on the market. Well, you simply can't. Alien Extreme is available in bleach shades as well, giving your patients the brightest smile they ever had. 

4. Oven Glazed

Smells like donuts in here. Just kidding, but we are serving up glazed crowns all day. We're proud to use Jensen In sync Glaze, with Miyo Stains on all of our products. Alien 8 gets the same presidential treatment. 

5. Pretty in Pink

Everything is prettier in pink, according to our fashionistas at least. We agree. When was the last time you saw green gums? Adding GC America's Gradia to the Alien 8, starts to make the restoration look complete. Time and Patience is needed for this step in the process, but the outcome is guaranteed to look stunning. 

6. Seal the Pink

Ready for wine night? Not yet. Let's seal the gingival with GC America's OptiGlaze; best in class light cured glaze. Once sealed, feel free to enjoy as many glasses as you can. Remember, life's a party, and we're all here just to have fun.
(Don't drink and drive!)

7. Let's Bond

 You can't do all this work, and skip out on quality bonding time. We ensure every crown gets the attention and time it needs to bond with it's counterpart. We found Bisco Primer, and Cement bonds the two really swell. 

8. FDA Approved implaNT Components

 The Alien 8 is restored using FDA approved implant components manufactured by NT Trading in Germany. Peace of mind at last. 



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  • Do you design this prosthesis? How long does it take?

    Yes we do. 
    The whole process will take 2-3 weeks.