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NT-Trading™ Implant Titanium Base

$ 59.00

Titanium Base

Used for individually milled Zirconium Abutments. Includes Final screw.

Titanium grade 5 ELI


The following Series are compatible with:       

BIO-Series - BioHorizons™ Internal

CAM-Series - Camlog™ Implants

E-Series - Nobel Biocare™ Replace Select

F-Series - Nobel Biocare™ Nobel Active

H-Series - Biomet 3i™ Certain

HIO-Series - Hiossen™ Implants

I-Series - Biomet 3i™ Osseotite

K-Series - Nobel Biocare™ Branemark

MEG-Series - Megagen AnyRidge

MIS-Series - MIS™ Implants / Seven™ Implants 

N-Series - Straumann™ SynOCta

NEO-Series - NEOSS™ Implants

R-Series - Zimmer™/Tapered Screw-Vent

S-Series - Astra Tech™ Implant System OsseoSpeed TX, DENTSPLY Implants

SEV-Series - DENTSPLY Implants® Astra Tech Implant System™ EV

T-Series - Dentsply™/Friadent™ Frialit, Xive

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  • I have a Astra Tech 3.0 implant what is the correct Tibase and scan body part number to order? Thank You!

    If it is the EV System from Astra, then you would need to 
    SEV Series 3.0 
    Thank you 

  • I have a Straumann implant bridge case. Tooth # 6 is 4.1x10mm BLT RC. Tooth #8 is 3.3x12mm BLT NC. I need to restore the bridge with hybrid abutment ti-base. What NT trading ti-base is compatible? Thank you very much.

    We do not support Bone Level implants.

  • Are this Tibase compatible with Cerec systems?

    The Ti-Base is compatible with units designed from the NT Trading Library only.

  • What size R series NT-Trading™ Implant Titanium Base would be used for a 4.1 mm diameter Zimmer™/Tapered Screw-Vent?

    The Titanium base need for a 4.1mm Implant Diameter is the R 3.5mm

  • Hi. Do you have non-engage ti-base for nobel biocare active?

    As of 10-12-2019 we do not carry non-engaging ti-bases. 
    This is something we are looking on implenting in the near future. 
    Please check back soon. 
    Thank you