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VITA™ Suprinity HT CAD Inlay Onlay

$ 76.00

VITA™ Suprinity™ CAD HT Inlay / Onlay

At this time Alien Milling is currently milling single unit orders. 

  • zirconia-reinforced, high-strength glass ceramic generation
  • available as monochromatic blanks in two translucency levels (T, HT)


  • high reliability thanks to a zirconia-reinforced glass ceramic matrix
  • precision-fit results thanks to material blanks with high edge stability
  • simple processing thanks to good polishing characteristics and high firing stability
  • brilliant esthetics thanks to integrated translucency, opalescence and fluorescence

Recommended indications*

Various (esthetic) options, thanks to a wide indication range:

  • Posterior crown
  • Anterior crown
  • Implant-supported crown
  • Veneer

*) These are recommended indications; the entire range of single tooth restorations can normally be fabricated. For details, please refer to the respective working instructions of the products.

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  • Can u sell Lava Esthetic (98mm) disc to Labs in CANADA?

    You will have to contact 3M for Lava Block Sales.