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Exciting Expansion: Alien Milling Introduces New 5.4mm Size for Astra Tech EV!

We're thrilled to announce an exciting expansion to our range of dental solutions at Alien Milling Technologies. Understanding the evolving needs of dental professionals and their patients, we have introduced a new 5.4mm size for Astra Tech EV. This addition is aimed at offering more versatility and precision in dental restorations, ensuring that every patient receives the perfect fit and exceptional quality.

Enhanced Customization with 5.4mm Size

Our new 5.4mm size is now available across several key products, including:

  • Implant Crowns with Custom Abutments: These are designed to provide a seamless fit and aesthetic appeal for dental implants. The inclusion of the new size ensures a broader range of customization, catering to more specific needs and anatomical considerations. Discover more about our implant crowns here.

  • Zirconia Hybrid Abutment: Known for their durability and aesthetic appeal, our Zirconia Hybrid Abutments are now even more versatile with the addition of the 5.4mm size. This ensures that dental professionals can provide their patients with restorations that are not just strong and long-lasting, but also perfectly matched to their dental anatomy.

  • Straight Ti-Bases in Engaging and Non-Engaging Options: To complement the customization options, we've also expanded our range of Straight Ti-Bases. Available in both engaging and non-engaging options, these bases are essential for achieving the perfect implant connection and stability. Explore the engaging Ti bases here and the non-engaging options here.

Custom Abutments: A Closer Look

Custom abutments are a cornerstone of personalized dental restoration. They play a crucial role in ensuring the implant crown fits naturally and functions optimally. Our DESS Titanium Abutment is crafted with precision to match individual patient requirements, ensuring a high level of customization and patient satisfaction.

Why Choose Alien Milling Technologies?

At Alien Milling Technologies, we are committed to providing top-quality dental restoration solutions that meet the diverse needs of dental professionals and their patients. Our introduction of the new 5.4mm size for Astra Tech EV is a testament to our dedication to innovation and excellence in the dental industry. With our advanced technology and expert craftsmanship, we ensure that each product is designed for superior performance and aesthetic appeal.

We invite dental professionals to explore our expanded offerings and discover how our new 5.4mm size can enhance their restoration practices. For more information on our products and to place your orders, visit our website today. Together, let's create smiles that last a lifetime!

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