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May 18, 22

New! Origin® Beyond+ Multi-Y™ Crown

Beyond Multi ™- layered discs have more intense chroma in the cervical and decreasing chroma towards the incisal area, offering the most efficient production speed combined with the natural look found in the shade tab. Each disc will give you the exact shade after...

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May 17, 22

Alien Milling is now offering Dess Implant Components

Alien Milling Technologies has partnered with DESS USA to offer it's implant components for resale, and milling manufacturing services. Alien Milling is offering Premill Abutments, Scan Bodies, Straight and Angle...

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Mar 17, 22

New! Milling Partial Metal Framework in Titanium

Partial Metal Frame

Now Milling Partial Metal Frames

Milled on 5 Axis Arum Machines, these Partial Metal Frameworks are milled in Ti5 Grade Titanium. Great for patients that are allergic to chrome. 

Mar 14, 22

The AI Advantage: Early Adopters Reap Rewards

AI Advantage

From incorporating AI-enabled software programs to building customized AI-based platforms, laboratory owners are discovering the time- and labor-saving advantages of this emerging technology.


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Alien Milling Technologies uses the latest and best technology in milling dental prosthetic, including Crowns and Bridges, implants and removable appliances. Alien Milling is a full service dental milling center. Alien Zirconia is milled in the USA.