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Surgical Guide

$ 69.00

Surgical Guide printed by a Class IIa long-term bio-compatible resin with high resistance to fracture and wear. 

Uploading STL Files 

Upload the CAD Ready STL File for the Surgical Guide itself. 


We do not offer design service for this product. 
By submitting an order, you agree to not hold Alien Milling liable for any damages that may arise from Implant placements. Alien Milling only accepts CAD Ready STL files of Surgical Guides, meaning you design the Surgical Guide, and Alien Milling only prints your file. 


Need Help Designing?

Try for professional CAD Designs on your next case. They even offer a video consultation with a licensed practitioner after the design. 



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Ask a Question
  • Can guide holes be made per instructions without surgical sleeve? Can I mark the spot for the access hole with a margin marking?

    We do not offer design services for Surgical Guides. 
    We only accept pre-designed surgical guides. You can have it designed with holes, but request no sleeves. 

  • does 69 include the design or just the print?

    No we do not offer design services for Surgical Guides as of 9-21-21

  • How much extra per sleeve?

    As of 12-17-2020 Each sleeve is $45

  • Hi ,we are creating a surgical guide for a HIOSSEN Implant and we are using Blue sky program . Can you print the HIOSSEN one guide ?

    Yes but you would have to provide your own surgical sleeves for blue sky bio.

  • Do you work with Blue Sky Bio and their planning software? Is the $99 the total fee for a Surgical Guide? Is there an additional charge for multiple sleeves/implants? Thanks

    We do accept CAD Ready files from Blue Sky Bio, but we do not use their planning software. 
    We do charge extra per sleeve.