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Alien™ 98mm High Translucency Zirconia Blocks
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Alien™ 98mm High Translucency Zirconia Blocks

$ 89.99

We don't just make it, we mill it everyday!

Get unmatched support when you buy Alien Zirconia Blocks from a team of professionals who use these blanks on a daily basis. 

Now you can mill Alien Zirconia in your lab. Experience the highest quality and translucency the Zirconia world has to offer. Over 100,000 satisfied patients, doctors, and labs. 

Available in...

White Zirconia 98mm Puck 

  • 98 mm x 12 mm 
  • 98 mm x 16 mm  
  • 98 mm x 20 mm 
  • 98 mm x 25 mm 
  • 98 mm x 30 mm 

Pre-Shaded Zirconia 98mm Puck (A1-D4)

  • 98 mm x 12 mm 
  • 98 mm x 16 mm 
  • 98 mm x 20 mm 
  • 98 mm x 25 mm 
  • 98 mm x 30 mm 


98mm with a 10mm step. Compatible with Weiland, VHF, Roland, and most open CAD CAM Milling Machines. 

Isostatic Pressing

Each Zirconia Blank is isostaically pressed for consistent results every time. We do not cut corners, as we use the exact same zirconia for our milling services. 

Gentle on your Mill

Alien Zirconia Disks are softer in the green state, than generic zirconia. This extends the life of your spindle, and tools. 

Translucency Factor

High Translucency has become a loosely used term to define the product, rather than the characteristics. The real definition lies in Translucency Parameters (TP), and Contrast Ratio (CR). The Contrast Ratio for Alien Zirconia Blanks are >34:1 CR %, one of the highest translucent zirconia offered in the industry. 


We research, and use 98 mm Alien Zirconia Blanks in our milling center everyday. We know our zirconia is out of this world. Many labs, doctors, and patients may be unaware Zirconia is a radioactive material. Safety is the main focus of the company, and we would not use unsafe materials exposing our technicians to unsafe materials. 

Our Research and Development engineers continually test the zirconia powder for any traces of radioactivity, and makes sure the zirconia is 100% safe every time. 


Material Safety Data Sheet and IFU 


Sintering Schedule 

1-45 Units 

Step  Start Temp C End Temp C Rate Climb / min Time (mins)
1 0 900 10 90
2 900 900 0 10
3 900 1540 3 214.00
4 1540 1540 0 150
5 1540 0

Natural Cooling

46+ Units 

Step  Start Temp C End Temp C Rate Climb / min Time (mins)
1 0 900 6 150
2 900 900 0 30
3 900 1540 3 214.00
4 1540 1540 0 270
5 1540 0 0 Natural Cooling 


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Alien Multi-Layer 98mm Disc A2

This disc mills great, but I think that the shades are not quite as accurate and the cost is not quite as affordable as another brand that I am currently using.


Shades are spot on

Just started using this product and I have to say the shades are perfect!


Excellent Zirconia, nice shading!

I am very impressed with this Zirconia. It has better translucency than I've ever seen. And the shades were on point! Great product, and right price!


Great zirconia at a great price

Earlier this year I purchased a 5-axis mill for use in my dental practice (I'm a dentist, not a lab tech) and purchased several different blanks from Alien Milling. I was truly surprised at how good the final results looked. I've used both the HT blanks and the multilayers and have loved the final result. Great strength and the added translucency gives a fantastic esthetic result. The customer service has been great as well. My sintering furnace doesn't quite hit the temps required for this zirconia. When I called I was put through directly to the owner who was extremely helpful with how to modify my firing times to get the desired result. I've truly been impressed with these products...enough so that I just ordered five more discs. Thanks!


Horrible zirconia

Ordered 98mm block of "high" translucent zirconia. Shipping was fast. Asked about using my green state shading liquids and was quickly told they were good to go (dental direkt). Recieved detailed sintering instructions. Milled bridge to be A3.5 . Used 3 coats of A3.5. Sintered. Results were disgusting carmel teeth. Darker than shade 84 on steroids. Called tech support. ....."oh yea we only use preshaded zirconia ".. are you kidding me. 180.00 $ dollar donatio. To alien milling. Ill be posting pics on with another zirconia i used to finish case. Youll see which one is product i sent to dr and which one is alien **** zirconia.

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