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New Shades, and Sizes! Alien Zirconia

The following new shades and sizes have been added to the Alien Zirconia family of products.  Alien Multi-Layer25mm - Hollywood B1 *NEW25mm - A1 *NEW25mm - A2 *NEW25mm - A3 *NEW  Alien STARDUST14mm - BL1 *NEW14mm - BL2 *NEW20mm - BL1 *NEW20mm - BL2 *NEW  New Alien Extreme! 14mm - White *NEW14mm - BL1 *NEW14mm - BL2 *NEW14mm - A1 *NEW14mm - A2 *NEW14mm - A3 *NEW14mm - A3.5 *NEW14mm - B1 *NEW14mm - B2 *NEW14mm - B3 *NEW14mm - C1 *NEW14mm - C2 *NEW14mm - C3 *NEW14mm - D2 *NEW14mm - D3 *NEW25mm - White *NEW25mm - BL1 *NEW25mm - BL2 *NEW25mm - A1 *NEW25mm - A2 *NEW25mm - A3 *NEW25mm - B1 *NEW 12mm Alien Extreme has been discontinued. 

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Alien Milling - Now Official VHF Distributor

Alien Milling Technologies now offers vhf machines Dental milling specialist distributes K5+ and K4 edition Ammerbuch/Hauppauge, August 3, 2020: vhf is pleased to announce that California-based Alien Milling Technologies is adding two vhf dry milling machines to their U.S. portfolio. The well-known provider of milling services and supplies distributes the machines under the name AK5+ and AK4. The CEO of vhf Inc., Dr. Nicolas Rohde, welcomes the new partnership: “We are extremely confident of Alien Milling Technologies as a new reseller since they have many years of experience with our machines in their milling center. The fact that Alien Milling...

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Cut-Off Time Back to Normal 2pm PST

Cut off time has been restored to 2pm PST  Enjoy! 

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Alien CEO Interviewed on Voices from the Bench

Saro Hatzakortzian, CEO of Alien Milling, and Raffi Hatzakortzian, Co-Owner, talk to Elvis Dahl from Voices from the Bench. Listen to the entire podcast now.   

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emax LT Material Now Available

emax CAD now available in LT Material.  LT is great for blocking out dark stump shades.  Click here to view the complete emax line up   

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