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Promo! Save 64% on VarseoSmile Crown Plus Printing Services

Huge Markdown! SAVE 64% on VarseoSmile Crown plus Printing Services!Promo ends 03/31/2021 The tooth-colored ceramic filled hybrid material for 3D printing of permanent single crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers Advantages for the laboratory Specially for the resin developed printing and processing parameters ensure smooth production sequences with reproducible results at any time High dimensional stability and strength of the printed objects due to high values of flexural strength and flexural modulus – therefore precise fit Minimized resin sedimentation for easy handling, no mixing or shaking necessary with regular use Easy to grind and polish by using standard tools Seven shades according to the proven...

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Price Reduction - Harvest TriLor®

New lower price on Harvest Dental TriLor® $399.00 Milled from your design. 

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OEM VHF Tools Now Available!

Dental milling cutters and grinding tools The choice of dental milling or grinding tools plays an important role in dental technology. Because the tool is the decisive link between the dental milling machine and the material to be machined. The vhf tool specialists research and develop together with laboratory users and material manufacturers in order to produce the best possible tool. The dental milling cutters and grinding tools from vhf have sophisticated innovative geometries for machining all material classes: wax, PMMA, zirconia, composites, titanium, CoCr and glass ceramics. Therefore, when it comes to dental tools, you can rely on the sophisticated...

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New Scan Bodies - NT Trading 2CONnect for MUA

NT Trading 2CONnect scan bodies now available for purchase on Alien Milling 3 Sizes to Choose from 1.4mm 1.6mm 1.8mm  3D GUIDE® Scanbody for high-precision implant position transfer. Data sheet (PDF) BENEFITS exact positioning by metal interface conceived for intra-oral scanners the different shape geometry ensured in case of incomplete scanning detection a perfect transfer in CAD software screw integrated x-ray detectable rotatable in case of dental crowding APPLICATION scanbody for model scanning scanbody for oral scanning TECHNICAL DETAILS tolerance 2–3 μm

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Implant Level, Abutment Level, Male or Female? Full Arch Implant Hybrid and Bars - 3Shape Tutorial

So many choices, and what's right for my case?  This tutorial will hopefully shed some light on how to create the order form on 3Shape for your next case.  We will be explaining the difference between Implant Level, and Abutment Level, as well as the difference between Male and Female parts.  Please note we use NT Trading Libraries, and this tutorial illustrates NT Trading Library names. The concept however, is the same across most DMEs.  Let's get to it.  First and foremost, you will need to ask your doctor if the implant supported bridge, or bar will be from implant...

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