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Volume Discounts on Alien Zirconia Discs

        Purchase Quantity Volume Discount Coupon Code 4-10 3% OFF 410ZrBlocks 11-15 5% OFF 1115ZrBlocks 16-25 7% OFF 1625ZrBlocks 26-50 10% OFF 2650ZrBlocks 51-100 12% OFF 51100ZrBlocks 100+ 15% OFF 100ZrBLocks

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Save Time! Upload with Antigravity

Anti-Gravity is now live! Skip filling out individual prescriptions. You are now able to upload multiple files by dragging and dropping them inside the Anti-Gravity page. Dynamic forms will populate based on your selection. Make sure to watch our How to Video for Anti-Gravity

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Buy 4 Zirconia Discs Get 1 Free

Mix and Match any shade, any material, any size. Best part, you can use the same sintering cycle for all 3 materials. Hurry offers ends May 19 at midnight. 

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Alien Milling is a Proud NADL Member

Alien Milling is an official proud member of the NADL. Our promise to deliver the highest quality dental restorations to the lab community is our highest priority. Our commitment to the dental lab industry is to provide excellent service, and become a reliable partner. 

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Integrated Design Services in Milling Prescription

We're all about streamlining your workflow process. Our Prescriptions for Full Solid Crowns just got a sweet update. Under "File or Model" you will see a new menu item called "Upload Jaw Scans - Design Service".  Enabling this option allows users to upload Upper Jaw, Lower Jaw, and bite scans on the site, or upload a Zipped File.  Prior to this update, customers who wanted design service + milling service had to fill 2 prescriptions.  This is a great option for labs that want to start receiving Intra-Oral Scans from any open system that has capabilities to export STL Files....

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