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Alien Milling Technologies

Dental Sintering Tray

$ 108.00 $ 145.00

Sintering Tray for Dental Sintering Furnaces. High purity alumina crucible for sintering zirconia. Recommended to be used with our high temperature furnaces.


  • Purity: Al2O3 > 99.5%;  Fe2O3 < 0.01%
  • 100% impervious
  • Maximum working temperature: 3180°F or 1750°C
  • Density: > 3.8 g/cm3

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  • Is this approximately 3 inch? Do you have a pic I could see also. Thanks.

    It's 3.93" x 1.57" x 0.78"

  • Will this sintering tray fit in my Shenpaz Sintra Plus sintering furnace? Also, is this tray possible to use with NO beads? Looking for a beadless tray.

    No it will not fit in the Sintra Plus. 
    You also need beads to sinter with these trays, unless the a long span bridge is re-enforced with anti-warp support. Only then can you place the long span bridge standing on the supports, with no beads. 

  • Do you carry the wave ring and sintering tray for a Dekema 664?

    No, we only carry universal trays.