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Full Contour Designs for Dental CAD CAM

$ 8.00

3Shape Design Services
If you haven't tried our design services, now is the time to try! Your design will be re-uploaded the next business day.

Designs Types Available

  • Coping: 0.6mm Coping Shell 
  • Anatomical Coping: Proper Support for Porcelain 
  • Zirconia Lingual: Cutback Crown with Full Zirconia on Lingual. Ready for Porcelain build on buccal. 
  • Full Solid: Full Crown Design ready for stain and glaze. 

File Delivery Instructions 

Uploading Zip

  1. Archive all scans (Upper, Lower, Bite) into one Zip File. 
  2. Upload the Zip 

File Upload Max Limit: 25MB
If your upload is greater than 25MB, try uploading scan STL Files individually


Uploading Scan STL Files Individually 

  1. Upload each Scan STL file into its appropriate upload form

File Upload Max Limit: 25MB
If one or all of your scans is greater than 25MB, you may need to reduce the triangles in your scan. There are multiple free CAD Software that allows you to do this. 

Uploading Files with Dropbox

  1. Create a Folder with "Your Company Name - Aliens"
  2. Share it with "info@alienmilling.com"
  3. Export your Scan STL Files to this folder
  4. Complete a prescription for each case
  5. Select "Dropox" for file delivery method


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Customer Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • Where are you located and are these for people

    We are located in Rialto, California. Yes These teeth are for Humans. 

  • I need a phone number

    You car reach us at 1-844-ZIRCONIA 
    or if you are calling from abraod +1-909-562-0069

  • how much charge for milling solid crown and print model , send design ready for crown and model ? thank you

    Our Prices are listed all over the site for milling services. At the moment, we don't offer model printing service. 

  • Do you have a manufacturing DME that I can download for 3shape?

    Not at the moment. 
    The only critical information customers need to update is the "Tool Radius" to 0.65mm. 

  • Good morning. I have a few questions about your services. I have a case I'm working on, 9 units over 4 implants. The plan is for 2 bridges. I have already placed the implanys and they are ready to restore. I haven't chosen the implant abutments yet. I want to choose the abutments based on the prosthetic design. What is the best workflow in this case? I am using Dentis implants. Dentisusa.com I would like to use the stock abutments if possible.

    You would need to place the Stock Abutments in the model. 
    Then you would place an order for "Implant Crowns" 
    Inside the Prescription you would select "Ship Models" (This is our fee for Scan and Design)
    You would then pack your models, and ship them to us. 

  • Do you have bridge milling available?

    Yes We do. No Up Charge for Bridges :)

  • What kind of system do you prefer? Exocad or 3 Shape? What are your charges for design for each?

    We prefer using 3Shape Dental System. Our Prices for Designs can be located on this page.