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Alien Multi-Layer 98mm Zirconia Disc
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Alien Multi-Layer 98mm Zirconia Disc

$ 120.99

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Alien Multilayer Zirconia comes in 7 Value Shades. Each shade is comprised of 9 transitional layers consisting of Dentin, Body, and Enamel Layers. Alien Multilayer Zirconia is rated at 1,100 MPa after the sintering stage. 



98mm with a 10mm step. Compatible with Weiland, VHF, Roland, and most open CAD CAM Milling Machines. 

Isostatic Pressing

Each Zirconia Blank is isostaically pressed for consistent results every time. We do not cut corners, as we use the exact same zirconia for our milling services. 

Sintering Schedule 

1-45 Units 

Step  Start Temp C End Temp C Rate Climb / min Time (mins)
1 0 900 10 90
2 900 900 0 10
3 900 1540 3 214.00
4 1540 1540 0 150
5 1540 0

Natural Cooling

46+ Units 

Step  Start Temp C End Temp C Rate Climb / min Time (mins)
1 0 900 6 150
2 900 900 0 30
3 900 1540 3 214.00
4 1540 1540 0 270
5 1540 0 0 Natural Cooling 


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  • What are compatible shading liquids

    Any Water or Acid Based Liquids. 
    Please note: Acid Based liquids do tent to soak the color a lot faster. 
    Please follow Manufacturer's guidelines for each "Liquid Shade" Product. 

  • Is it possible, shipping to Kazakhstan, Almaty city?

    Yes. We ship worldwide. We just added DHL for out International customers, as a secondary option. 

  • Hello dear sir , i am very intrested for yours Multilayer zirconia and wish to know about the shrinkking % , hardness after sintring and rest.. iam in Holland do you can deliver also to Holland ?? let us please know . i wish you a very nice and more succes . with the best regards from NL.

    The Shrinking Factor is between 1.23 and 1.26. 
    The final sintered restoration will have a peak of 1,100 Mpa.
    We deliver worldwide. 
    Thank you for the kind words. 

  • Hello All Can you give me a cost of postage to western australia Australia for say a single zirconia crown regrds Tim

    It is Calculated at checkout based on your zip code, and the estimated weight of the package. 

  • Do you guys have a shade guide for the Alien Multi-layer?

    At the moment, we do not. 

  • How much translucency should i expecting from this? and do i have to apply incisal liquid after milled?

    The TF (Translucency factor) is 43% on a 1mm Sample. 
    You may add enhancements such as incisal coloring before sinter. 

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