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Alien™ Multi-Layer

Alien™ Multi-Layer Zirconia

$ 28.00

Now Available! 

Alien Multi-Layer is Multi-Layer Zirconia that consists of 9 transitional shades. It includes a Dentin Layers, Body Layers, and Enamel Layers. Alien Multi-Layer Zirconia is rated at 1,100 MPa and can be recommended for bridges up to 14 units. 

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  • How does this work?

    The use of this website is for Dental professionals, Please see our How to page on How it works.

  • whats the mpa?

    1250 MPa

  • for implant cases for screw retained crowns, can we scan the scan body and you make the crowns with abutment?

    We do not manufacturer or order abutments. 

  • how can I send the work to your lab

    Please watch this short video on how we operate.

  • Saro, With 3 shape Trios, do i just send you the scan via communicate? Then, i pay for the units online? Then you will match the file with the payment. Complete order and send crowns to me?

    That is correct 

  • Do you charge for shipping? I would be sending impression for crown

    Yes We do. 
    Please refer to our shipping page.

  • Hi Saro, How The Allien Multi layer compare with Katana STML. which one look more esthetic ? I am interesting to take a look at this Zirconia, Do you have the sample of this. Thanks Saro

    The Alien Multi-Layer is comparable to Katana STML in shade values. However due a much higher strength (1,100 mpa for the Alien Multi-Layer) the Katana is more translucent. 

  • Does this price include sintering?

    Yes it does.