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Alien AR5

Technical highlights

  • With the R5 – a new high-end machine for the dental laboratory – A highly automated milling and grinding machine that brings revolutionary approaches to the lab along with a ten-fold blank changer for wet and dry machining. In a minimal footprint, it combines utmost precision with maximum stability and is capable of handling any material.

The R5 is a highly automated milling and grinding machine with ten-fold blank changer. See for yourself how easily you can revolutionize your lab and in-office lab with this ingenious wet and dry mill, combined with maximum ease of use.

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    Alien AK5+

    Technical highlights

    Proven quality now even better: With the new K5+, you will achieve perfect milling results. Process a wide range of materials and indications (blanks up to 40 mm) with five axes. Revolutionary technologies, such as tool-free blank clamping and an integrated ionizer, help you achieve top-quality results. The particularly stable machine bed construction made of a solid cast body ensures first-class machining results.

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    Alien AN4+

    Technical highlights

    • The N4+ is a wet processing machine for grinding glass ceramic, composite and zirconium blocks as well as titanium abutments. This machine combines the high precision and fast drives common to all vhf machines with a liquid cooling system in an extremely compact housing.


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    Alien AK4 Edition

    Technical highlights

    The extremely compact design of the K4 edition is a real eyecatcher. A closer look at the four-axis dry milling machine reveals its rigid structure. This ensures first-class results – even when working with extremely hard cobalt-chromium-based NEM materials.


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    Arum 5X-200

    The Arum milling machine is widely recognized
    in the dental market due to its excellent and
    precise milling capacity, in addition to its
    compatibility with intraoral scanners.

    • Number of Axis 5-Axis
    • Indications Inlay and Onlay, Crown, Coping, Crown Bridge, Coping Bridge, Dental Bar, Screw-Retained Bridge, Customized Abutment, Hybrid Abutment, Model, Splint
    • Processing Type Wet and Dry
    • Cuttable Materials Titanium Disk, Co-Cr Disk, Ni-Cr Disk, Pre-Milled Blank (Titanium), Zirconia, Lithium Disilicate (E-max®, Etc.), Nanocomposite (Vericom Mazic® duro, Lava Ultimate® Etc.), PMMA, PEEK, Wax, Etc




      Imes-Icore 350i

      Imes Icore The new CORiTEC 350i processing system is an innovative machine concept, developed to meet any requirements of modern CAD/CAM processing. The processing of all relevant blank materials from CoCr, titanium, zirconium dioxide, plastics, block materials, and new future materials is thus possible with a single machine system, virtually without restrictions.

      The modern and optimized machine kinematics, with high free angles of the 5 axes of over 30°, allows milling and grinding as wet and dry processes and with high quality. This makes the system an all-rounder, ideal for demanding labs, to produce all typical applications in your own lab, with high quality, using CAD/CAM technology.

      The CORiTEC 350i, with it‘s optional zero point (clamping) system facilitates the quick change of blanks by  switching out the entire blank depot with the push of a button. The CORiTEC 350i Loader is equipped with a fully automated 12-fold material changer.


      Technical highlights

      • 5-axis, simultaneous machining
      • Base structure made of steel/aluminum
      • Integrated wet and dry processing
      • Zero point (clamping) system (optional for CORiTEC 350i)
      • processing of all important materials used in the dental industry, including metalworking
      • Axis tilt angle up to 30°
      • 20-fold tool changer
      • HF spindle with up to 60,000 rpm
      • Integrated control PC with touch screen
      • Servomotors on all axes
      • Chip protection of the tool changer
      • Frontal machining of the workpiece is possible (B-axis in 90 degree position)



        Ivoclar PrograMill 7

        PrograMill PM7 sets new industrial standards for the digital production of restorations in the dental laboratory. The powerful performance and dynamics of this unit make it a highlight in the PrograMill portfolio. The high-power machine is capable of processing a variety of materials in wet and dry mode and is suitable for a wide spectrum of indications. The high dynamics and efficiency of the machine result in precise and fast production results. The 5-axis machining process is controlled via the integrated PC with touch-screen monitor.


        Imes-Icore 250i

        The CORiTEC 250i and CORiTEC 250i dry machine systems are the most
        widely used CAD/CAM systems for applications of zirconium dioxide, PMMA
        or wax. Thanks to the 5-axis technology, these machines can also produce
        complex dentures with diverging stumps and undercut areas without further
        rework. Therefore, these systems are an ideal choice if a good price-performance
        ratio but also avery high equipment fl exibility is of importance. The processing
        of CAD/CAM blocks or premilled abutments is also possible by using the
        respective adapter systems. By purchasing the CORiTEC 250i you obtain
        a cost-effi cient but fl exible and versatile milling machine at once.