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How Alien Milling's Full Arches Have Transformed into a Paradigm of Customization

In the dynamic world of dental prosthetics, staying ahead with technological advancements and enhanced service offerings is key. Alien Milling Technologies has embraced this ethos with significant updates to their Full Arch Hybrid Implant Zirconia offerings, making these solutions more customizable and versatile than ever. Here’s a deep dive into how these changes are setting new standards in the industry.


Expanded Material Choices

A standout feature in the recent updates is the expansion of material options. Alien Milling now offers Full Arches in six different materials, catering to diverse needs and preferences. This variety ensures that labs can select the best material based on specific requirements such as durability, aesthetics, and cost.

Enhanced Customization Options

Customization sits at the heart of Alien Milling’s updated offerings. Whether clients prefer to provide their own designs or utilize Alien Milling’s design services from models, impressions, or digital scans, the flexibility is unprecedented. Additionally, all classical shades and bleach shades are available, enhancing the aesthetic customization for natural-looking results.

The Alien iBar: A Game Changer

A notable innovation was the introduction of the Alien iBar, a titanium bar-supported structure that offers added strength and longevity. This option is ideal for those seeking a robust framework for their full arch solutions.

Advanced Design Features

Alien Milling has also introduced design options for screws that directly integrate into the Multi-Unit Abutment (MUA)

  • 19.006
  • 19.018
  • 19.069
  • 19.306
  • RosenScrew

or on Ti-Bases, further enhancing the structural integrity and ease of use. Moreover, the capability to mill angulated screw channels particularly in zirconia hybrid full arches addresses common challenges associated with screw-retained implants, offering more flexibility in placement and aesthetics.

Finishing and Aesthetics

To ensure that the final products are not just functional but also a turn key solution, Alien Milling offers finishing options such as Pink Gingival Staining.

Quality and Support Enhancements

Alien Milling’s commitment to quality is evident in their use of C-Clamp fixtures for ultra-high-definition finishing in the anterior region, ensuring that the most visible part of the arch meets the highest aesthetic standards. The company supports multiple screw types from respected manufacturers to maintain quality control.

Additional Services and Support

Understanding the complexities involved in dental implant procedures, Alien Milling offers several supportive services:

  • Free MUA Consultation: For cases without multi-unit abutments, ensuring optimal planning and execution.
  • Verification Jigs: To verify the accuracy of models, impressions, or digital scans.
  • Wax Rims and Virtual Bite Alignment: These services are crucial for establishing proper bite and alignment, significantly improving the outcome of the full arch implants.


With these updates, Alien Milling Technologies is not just keeping pace with the evolving dental industry; it’s setting a new benchmark. The expanded customization options, combined with cutting-edge technology and comprehensive support services, position Alien Milling’s Full Arches as a top choice for dental professionals aiming to provide state-of-the-art solutions to their patients. These enhancements reflect a deep understanding of the needs of both the dental professionals and their patients, promising a blend of aesthetics, functionality, and lasting satisfaction.

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