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We're open and Milling!

Precautionary Measures Taken by Alien Milling 

We are following all precautionary measures outlined by the CDC to keep our milling center clean, and safe.
Read more on the CDC Measures for workplace environments

Maintaining a clean and safe workplace environment is our top priority, not only because of this pandemic outbreak, but always. 

We have added extra measures by staggering employee work hours, and to keep distance between one another. 

Our operational status remains open at this time.
We will notify you if this status changes. 

Our working hours however, have been reduced 

Customer Service Hours 8am - 2pm PST 
Milling Hours 8am - 2pm PST

New Cut Off Time until Further Notice 12pm PST

We are closely monitoring all Local and Federal laws in regards to this matter. 
We are also closely monitoring all updates from the CDC CDA ADA and NADL.

Stay Tuned 

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