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STARDUST Implant Zirconia Crown


STARDUST Implant Zirconia Crowns are highly esthetic. Implant Crowns are used over custom or stock abutments. Alien Milling offers Implant Crowns with a screw channel access hole or without for cement retained.

STARDUST is the most advanced zirconia on the market, combining two yttrium contents into a single disc. Yttrium 4 Content on the cervical gradually transitions to an yttrium 5 content towards the incisal edge, giving your restoration a porcelain like finish. 

Now the STARDUST line up includes all classical plus Bleach 1 & 2 shades in two sizes; 14mm and 20mm 

Recommended Region: Anterior
Yttrium Content: Y4-Y5 (Class 4)



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  • is this the same zirconia as the stardust multi-strength used for regular crowns?

    Yes it is

  • Is there a BL3 or BL4 available?

    Not for the Stardust as of yet. 
    e.max carries BL3 and BL4