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Zirlux Acetal

Zirlux Acetal Removable Partial Denture - Stayplate


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  • Hello are you able to mill an acetal partial denture frame work and then add resin acrylic and teeth to it? I am able to design. Thanks

    We can mill the Acetal based off of your design. 
    We do not process acrylic. 

    Your design will need to include the gingival design, and teeth, all as one piece. 
    Thank you 

  • Hello Saro good morning, my question about this product, This is a flexy material like a valplast?

    It does have flex but not as much as Valplast. 
    After a certain limit, it will snap. 

  • do you make partials?


  • Hi is this a complete partial with teeth and clasps? Any special mouth prep?

    It is a complete partial with teeht and clasps. 
    We do not offer design services for this item as of 10/9/2019
    Please check back soon.

  • If jaw scan is sent, will you design and fabricate the framework?