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Night Guard - Clear Aligner

$ 45.00

Clear Hard Night Guard printed by a Class IIa long-term bio-compatible resin with high resistance to fracture and wear. 

Uploading STL Files 

For Night Guards
Upload the CAD Ready STL File of the Night Guard itself. 

For Clear Aligners
Upload the STL of the Model File for the aligner. Each Stage of the aligner process, needs a new prescription RX order. 
Final Product will be shipped with Model, and Aligner 


We do not offer design service for this product. 
We only accept CAD Ready STL files for this material. 


Need Help Designing?

Try for professional CAD Designs on your next case. 



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  • Is your occlussal bite guard milled and clear pmma material? can u send me sample product or even a picture of this product to me? I sent you a digital desgined guard in stl file?

    Yes, they are milled in Clear PMMA material. You can upload the STL file of the designed night guard. Update from 5-20-19
    As of January 2019, we have switched manufacturing to printing night guards vs milling.

  • Hello- Is the printed night guard also a PMMA? Does it have the same flexural properties? Thanks!

    No it is printed from the Formlabs Dental LT Clear material.

  • I am reading right here on this page that someone asked if you mill occlusal bite guards from clear pmma material. And someone answered Yes, they are milled in clear pmma material. However, I just called and I was told you don't mill them, you pint them. So what is it? The printed ones are yellowish, not clear like the ones milled.

    As of January 2019, we have switched production to print the night guards.

  • How hard is the shell. I am looking for a harder shell similar to invisalign trays.

    Flexural Properties
    Ultimate Flexural Strength ≥ 50 MPa (no break) 
    Flexural Modulus ≥ 1300 Mpa