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Alien™ Multi-Layer

Alien™ Multi-Layer Zirconia

$ 28.00

Now Available! 

Alien Multilayer is Multilayer Zirconia that consists of 9 transitional shades. It includes a Dentin Layers, Body Layers, and Enamel Layers. Alien Multilayer Zirconia is rated at 1,100 MPa and can be recommended for bridges up to 14 units. 

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  • Does this price include sintering?

    Yes it does. 

  • Hi Saro, How The Allien Multi layer compare with Katana STML. which one look more esthetic ? I am interesting to take a look at this Zirconia, Do you have the sample of this. Thanks Saro

    The Alien Multi-Layer is comparable to Katana STML in shade values. However due a much higher strength (1,100 mpa for the Alien Multi-Layer) the Katana is more translucent. 

  • Do you charge for shipping? I would be sending impression for crown

    Yes We do. 
    Please refer to our shipping page.

  • Saro, With 3 shape Trios, do i just send you the scan via communicate? Then, i pay for the units online? Then you will match the file with the payment. Complete order and send crowns to me?

    That is correct 

  • how can I send the work to your lab

    Please watch this short video on how we operate.

  • for implant cases for screw retained crowns, can we scan the scan body and you make the crowns with abutment?

    We do not manufacturer or order abutments. 

  • whats the mpa?

    1250 MPa

  • How does this work?

    The use of this website is for Dental professionals, Please see our How to page on How it works.

  • what software do you use what piling equipment do you use?

    We use 3Shape for our design software. 
    We have lots of milling machines. Have a look 

  • What is your on lab time? Any warenty?

    Please see our Turnaound time page 

  • Do you except .cam files from the Cerec system?


  • if i send iTero STL file, am i charged for shipping on way back...if so how much?

    Yes, you can add a sample product to cart and head over to our shipping calculator for an approximate quote.

    We have Free Shipping options if your order is above certain amounts. 
    The shipping page can show you the Free Shipping Threshholds. 

  • Do you do emax

    Yes. e.max can be found here.

  • Are there any plans to offer alien MultiLayer in A4? A3.5 is often still too light.

    Not at this time.