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Alien is an Authorized 3M Margin Marking Lab

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We are proud to announce 4 Alien technicians are now certified 3M Margin marking Technicians, which ultimately makes Alien Milling Technologies a Certified Margin Marking Lab for the COS True Definition Scanner. 

What this means to you? 

If one of your doctors ask you if you accept 3M True Definition scans, now you can say YES!

The Work Flow

  1. Doctor scans the patient's mouth
  2. Doctor Sends Scan File to a Certified Margin Marking Lab (Alien)
  3. Alien Marks Margins 
  4. Designs Full Solid or Coping based on Lab's Preference
  5. Mills and Sinters Case overnight
  6. Ships to Lab for finishing, or Drop-shipped directly to Doctor if Lab prefers Alien to Finish Case.
Whole procedure done with no model

Welcome to Alien Technology!

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