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Alien Milling provides Milling Service to Kalman Lab at Western University for Research

This preliminary investigation explored additive manufacturing to fabricate cobalt-chromium onlay restorations without the use of digital design. Extracted molars were prepared for four-surface onlays followed by the conventional approach for the fabrication of provisionals. The provisionals were digitized with an intraoral scanner, and stereolithography (STL) files were fabricated with additive manufacturing in cobalt-chromium, utilizing selective laser melting (SLM). Onlays were bonded to the corresponding tooth. Restorations were polished after cementation and assessed with photography, radiography, and a clinical post-cementation checklist. Cementation was unremarkable; marginal adaption and surface finish were generally acceptable. A simple, efficient, and inexpensive alternative workflow for the fabrication of indirect restorations without using the digital design is proposed.


Les Kalman, Lyndsay Desimone

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