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Diversify your Dental Portfolio

Diversify your Portfolio!

If one thing is certain in the Dental Lab industry, it's diversification. In today's proactive market, we see more companies offering there own twist on Dental Zirconia. While some may achieve higher translucency, others may offer greater strength. This diversification in material characteristics exists solely because everyone is different. It is up to the practitioner consulting the patient, to make an educated decision on what "Brand" of zirconia restoration to prescribe. 

If you remove all of the bells and whistles. and clever marketing we see in today's publications, you will see major key differences. We help shed some light on these key differences. 

AlienMilling.com has a compare feature which compares all of the brands offered. You may compare Strength, TR Factor, and the maximum number of units recommended. Next time your doctor prescribes Zirconia for their patient, educate them on the different brands, and types of Zirconia. You can even diversify your own portfolio (Lab Fee Schedule) to include these great brands. 


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