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Alien Milling Pioneering Insource Work from Offshore Labs

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CONTACT: Saro Hatzakortzian  


Alien Milling Technologies, as a company is excited to reveal some incredible news for the supreme benefit of the dental industry. Alien Milling Technologies’ owner Saro Hatzakortzian duly presents his company’s newfound factor of insourcing work from within rather than outsourcing. This will greatly benefit the dental industry as a whole, especially when orders are made with Alien Milling Technologies.


The dental industry has seen an immense augment where manufacturers are concerned and inroads being made, immaterial of them having positive or negative impacts. Yet, Alien Milling Technologies being a vanguard in insourcing labor from overseas will prove to have all round positive impacts, creating a win-win situation between the manufacturer and buyer.


During the last couple of years, the dental industry, has seen a great number of dental labs outsourcing the work to foreign countries offering a cheap labor base. It was thought that this is the only way to get the most of this business field. Alien Milling Technologies is poised to change that perception, paving way to more feasible possibilities.


By making insourcing their astute business decision, Alien Milling Technologies can gain better rein in of their critical productions not to mention their core competencies. At the same time, the costs in the form of taxes, transportation and workforce can be reduced. By using the method of insource to work inside Alien Milling Technologies, it is the company’s confidence that the endeavor will make that much of difference in manufacturing dental prosthetics of high quality at a cheaper cost.


As an online based milling center, the people behind Alien Milling Technologies are on the active seeing of labs situated overseas which send them work here in California. The work consists of fabricating all kinds of dental prosthetics. Currently, the countries which are Alien Milling Technologies’ customers are China, Vietnam and India, as well as many other countries.


Although Alien Milling Technologies only operates on an online platform and fairly new to the dental industry, their repertoire in harnessing state of art and cutting edge technology speaks of their business development ethics as well as professionalism in manufacturing their products. Using the latest innovation in cad cam technology and other technologies from various other industries, Alien Milling Technologies provides zirconia milled restorations at a far lower cost than what other overseas labs charge.


On why this news is nothing short of amazing is because most labs here lament about the inability to compete with offshore prices. Yet, Alien Milling Technologies is not only able to compete but also gain ground in the offshore business. There are very much realistic chances that the dental restorations milled by Alien Milling Technologies that are being shipped out to their customers overseas are actually shipped back to their customers in the US.


As for the prices Alien Milling Technologies are comparatively cheap; they sell Zirconia Copings for only $15, and solid zirconia crowns for only $22, from their STL file. Alien Milling Technologies’ lead time is only 2 business days.


Although relatively new to the industry, Alien Milling Technologies as a company has carved a stellar reputation for itself. Settling into the dental industrial slot, the company’s niche lies in its cutting edge leverage, employing what’s the newest in technology to mill dental prosthetics that include but not limited to crowns, bridges, implants and removable appliances.


Alien Milling Technologies has taken upon itself to stay on top by the means of constant and consistent evolving in an equally ever evolving industry which also is reinventing. Alien Milling Technologies focuses on efficiency in a bid to render dental prosthetics of supreme quality to their customers.


The people behind Alien Milling Technologies are computer and dental tech enthusiasts who are driven and dedicated. The combination of young and fresh talent and solicitousness, results in sincere tech follow up masteries and due manufacturing application. Seeking to sort out ways to ameliorate the aspects of manufacturing dental restorations, the company’s Research and Development Department is on the constant keeping tabs on any advancement in the relevant field, spurred by the holistic intent of meeting needs and exceeding expectations.


For more information, contact: Saro Hatzakortzian, Alien Milling Technologies,