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Alien Extreme Translucency 98mm Zirconia Blocks
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Alien Extreme Translucency 98mm Zirconia Blocks

$ 153.99

We don't just make it, we mill it everyday!

Get unmatched support when you buy Alien Zirconia Blocks from a team of professionals who use these blanks on a daily basis. 

1,000 MPa at 49% Translucency Factor. 

Available in...

White Zirconia 98mm Puck 

  • 98 mm x 14 mm 
  • 98 mm x 20 mm 
  • 98 mm x 25 mm 

Pre-Shaded Zirconia 98mm Puck (White BL-1 BL-2 A1 A2 A3 A3.5 B1 B2 B3 C1 C2 C3 D2 D3)

  • 98 mm x 14 mm 
  • 98 mm x 20 mm 
  • 98 mm x 25 mm 

Alien Extreme on the Front Cover of LMT!

Alien CEO, Saro Hatzakortzian, holding the latest copy of the LMT Magazine, featuring the Alien Extreme on the front cover. In his other, he is hodling the most advanced zirconia known to mankind. 

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98mm with a 10mm step. Compatible with Weiland, VHF, Roland, and most open CAD CAM Milling Machines. 

Isostatic Pressing

Each Zirconia Blank is isostaically pressed for consistent results every time. We do not cut corners, as we use the exact same zirconia for our milling services. 

Gentle on your Mill

Alien Zirconia Disks are softer in the green state, than generic zirconia. This extends the life of your spindle, and tools. 

Translucency Factor

Extreme Translucency at 49%


We research, and use 98 mm Alien Zirconia Blanks in our milling center everyday. We know our zirconia is out of this world. Many labs, doctors, and patients may be unaware Zirconia is a radioactive material. Safety is the main focus of the company, and we would not use unsafe materials exposing our technicians to unsafe materials. 

Our Research and Development engineers continually test the zirconia powder for any traces of radioactivity, and makes sure the zirconia is 100% safe every time. 

Material Safety Data Sheet and IFU

Sintering Schedule 

1-45 Units 

Step  Start Temp C End Temp C Rate Climb / min Time (mins)
1 0 900 10 90
2 900 900 0 10
3 900 1540 3 214.00
4 1540 1540 0 150
5 1540 0

Natural Cooling

46+ Units 

Step  Start Temp C End Temp C Rate Climb / min Time (mins)
1 0 900 6 150
2 900 900 0 30
3 900 1540 3 214.00
4 1540 1540 0 270
5 1540 0 0 Natural Cooling 


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J. M.
United States United States

Zirconia blocks

Very good always on time Pleasure to do business with?

tate d.
United States United States

shipping delays and price

was supposed to get my package Friday . disappointed in the price raise. I used receive buy 3 get 1 , now its buy 4 get 1 free. 25 % price increase isnt ideal



Great material and service.

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  • what coloring system is recommended, dyes to achieve shades from white zr? thank you

    Any zirconia water based coloring liquid.
    No Acid based liquids. 

  • How can I buy greater quantities of Zirconia pucks at a time? Looking for at least 20 per shade on A1, B1, BL1 and WHITE 98mmX20 and 25mm. Thank you. Jack

    The site allows you to buy as much as you need, as long as we have inventory. 
    Please call us at 844-947-2664 for assistance.

  • Will you be offering Extreme in 16 or 18mm pucks in the near future?

    We do not have that in the works yet. 
    Please subscribe to our newletter for all updates.

  • What is the most beautiful but at the same time strongest disk you have

    Alien Extreme :)

  • Bleach shade in multilayered, What is comparable to OM3?

    The BL2 would be most comparable.

  • Is this Multilayer or Mono?

    Yes it is.

  • Does your Alien Xtreme puck have a plastic step ring ?

    No it does not

  • Hello, I was wondering if you could help suggesting what type zirconia block to use with a whiter tooth. I keep finding that the crown comes out too gray. Thanks in advance.

    You can try the BL1 or BL2 for this. 
    The White is an absolute white, with no gray.

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