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Noritake™ Katana Multi-Layer Zirconia STML

$ 39.00

Ideal for up to three unit posterior bridges -A well-balanced combination of chromatic and gradational translucency reproduces esthetic enamel and dentine effects.

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  • Is it necessary for me to design the crown? Can I send you the STL of the prepared tooth only?

    No it is not neccesary. You can send the STL Files of the scan for a design service here. 
    Dental CAD Design Service

    Then add a "Milling Service" crown of your choice. 

    Ensure the "Case ID" on the Design Prescription and Milling Prescription are identical. 

  • So do you guys make/mill the crown with a tooth model or do you guys just sell the block


  • Can Katana be a c2 shade?

    We decided to launch the STML Line of Katana which only carried Shades A1-A4 and NW. 

  • Can you mill a Katana screw-retained implant bridge with access holes?

    We can but it is not recommended. 
    The implant crowns recommended can be found here.

  • I've noticed for the Full Arch Hybrid cases you give the option of shipping back in the green state. Do you offer this option for single zirconia crowns? If not, why?

    Green State is only available for Full Arch Hybrid as of June 7 2019. 
    We haven't received many requests for single crowns in green state compared to full arch cases. 

    We will add you request to offer single crowns in the Green State. 

    Thanks for reaching out to us.

  • we need to upload both upper and lower files. It is only giving us the option to upload 1 and not both.

    You would need to click on "Upload Jaw Scans - Design Service"

  • Do you send back to the labs just sintered or finisned?

    If ordered without finishing, it is just sintered.  If ordered with Stain and Glazed, then we finish the crown. 

  • can i have cut back crown .

    Our cutback crowns can be found here.