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Make money by referring new customers to Alien Milling Technologies. Sign up is easy and fast. Refer Dental professionals and make 2% from every purchase they make.

After Registration, you will have a unique link, that tracks your customer's activity. Share your link on Social Media sites like Facebook and twitter and promote Alien Customers who sign up thru your unique link, will always be under your account. You will be generating 2% Revenue, from every order they place. 

On average, a dental lab can generate up to $8,000 in milling services. That could mean up to $160 a month from a single account! Multiple these numbers by all of the labs worldwide that require milling services, and the revenue can add up fast.

Dental Labs and other professionals in the industry still rely on milling centers, because the initial investment of CAD CAM Technology is very expensive. This is great timing for entrepreneurs, marketing gurus, and people who may know lab owners, to cash in while the market is least saturated. 

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Best part it's free to sign up ;)

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