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Alien Milling Looking for Distributors

98mm Zirconia BLock Alien Milling Alien Milling Technologies Dental Cad Cam Dental Cad Cam news Dental Lab Dental Milling Dental Milling Center Dental Milling News Full Solid Zirconia Full Zirconia New Dental Milling Zirconia Blocks Zirconia Disks

We are seeking Distributors for Alien Zirconia Products. Alien Milling Technologies was introduced in October 2015, and has become the fastest growing dental milling company in the world. Our research and development constantly provides innovative materials for the dental industry.  In celebration of our 1 year anniversary, we are looking to expand our services and reach. We are seeking suppliers, labs, and entrepreneurs that would like to add the premium line of Alien Products to their existing catalog. We offer support to you and your customers, so you can be confident in the products you sell.  If you are interested in...

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New Products - Anatomical Copings

Alien Milling Alien Zirconia Dental Milling Zirconia Dental Zirconia New Dental Milling

Anatomical CopingsGet proper support with our new anatomical copings. Depending on the case, a reduction of up to 1.5 mm to 2 mm will be applied. This option is best suited for high esthetic demanding cases that require porcelain all around. 

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Zirconia Crowns vs Gold Crowns vs PFM Metal Crowns

Alien Milling Alien Zirconia Dental Milling Zirconia Dental Zirconia

Zirconia Crowns; the Future of Restorative Dentistry   A few years back, when you visited your dentist for getting a crown for your teeth, you would usually be presented with two options. You would have to choose between a gold based crown or a porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crown. Although the use of fixed prostheses prepared from gold based alloys has been reduced markedly over a few years, all ceramic and PFM crowns continued to be the most commonly used crown and bridge material. However, it was not until only a few years back when zirconia based crowns and...

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Alien Zirconia introduces 98mm Blocks Made in USA

98mm Zirconia 98mm Zirconia BLock Alien Milling Alien Zirconia Dental Milling Zirconia Dental Zirconia Pre-shaded Zirconia Block Zirconia Blocks Zirconia Disks

Alien Solid Zirconia is the #1 Selling Zirconia Brand!  Now you can mill Alien Zirconia in your lab. Experience the highest quality and translucency the Zirconia world has to offer. Over 50,000 satisfied patients, doctors, and labs.  Available in... 98 mm x 12 mm98 mm x 14 mm98 mm x 16 mm98 mm x 20 mm 16 Classical shades, and white. Isostatic Pressing Each Zirconia Blank is isostaically pressed for consistent results every time. We do not cut corners, as we use the exact same zirconia for our milling services.  Gentle on your Mill Alien Zirconia Disks are softer in...

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How to order on

3Shape Alien Milling Alien Milling Technologies Bruxzir Bruxzir Anterior Bruxzir Sintering Furnace Dental Cad Dental Cad Cam Dental Lab Dental Milling Dental Milling Center Dental Milling Machines Dental Scanner Dental Scanners Dental Wings Dental Zirconia Full Solid Zirconia Full Zirconia

When you select the crown and bridge product you want to order, you will see a menu next to the product image.  We are going to use Bruxzir Solid Zirconia as an example for this tutorial.  The first box you will see is  Reference NumberThis is an optional field where you can choose to use or not. This field is used for your records, and it could be anything from your pan number, Invoice number, etc. This field will help you determine which case you received back from Alien Milling Center. This is especially useful when you are sending multiple cases...

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