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Alien Implant Full Arch Hybrid PMMA

$ 399.00

Alien PMMA Full Arch Hybrid implant Hybrid Bridge. This product is milled from Alien PMMA. It is capable of temporarily restoring cases up to 16 units.

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  • If I have an approved tryin with the titanium copings in the tryin and have verified the original implants locations with a verification jig what do I need to sent to have tryin copy milled in pma as a temp hybrid. ie do I need to send additional set of titanium transfers for you to place in pmma or will the one in try in be used. thanks for the help and information

    You will need to ship the Model with a new set of copings, and the "Wax Up" 
    Please select "Ship Models" and "No Parts Needed" since you will be sending a new set of copings. 

  • should i send design ? or just STL models upper and lower and bite for design of pmma full arch?

    We do not offer design services for Full Arch Hybrids as of 5-13-19. 
    Please only send an STL File of Designed Arch. 

    Thank you

  • How about per unit for bridges temps etc.

    We do Sell them per unit here.

    Alien Implant PMMA Crown