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Alien Implant Full Arch Hybrid Zirconia

$ 799.00

Alien Full Arch Hybrid implant Bridge with option of Gingiva Staining. This product is milled from Alien HT Zirconia, rated 1,200 mpa. It is capable of restoring cases up to 16 units.

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  • Are you able to mill large hybrids that would need a size 30mm puck


  • Hybrid zirconia is Zirconia+gingiva or Zriconia+ceramic+gingiva?

    Zirconia with Gingiva one piece 

  • Ti base is included with this price?

    No this price is for the zirconia restoration only. 

  • Can we replace implant sustained overdentures with a Trilor bar and Implant full arch hybrid zirconia. Is it compatible with older implants?

    The Tri-Lor is a great substitute for overdent bars. 
    The compatibility depends on the Designer's CAD Library.