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Alien™ Anatomical Zirconia Coping

$ 20.00

Alien Anatomical Copings are milling in our Milling Center located in USA, with Zirconia that is manufactured in the USA. Alien Anatomical Copings offer extreme strength, and can be used for Full Mouth restorations. Our copings have been tested, and proven to be a quality choice my labs across the USA. Each coping is properly designed to give technicians proper support for porcelain build up.

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  • can I do bridge frame work with zirconia

    Yes just update the number of units to match the bridge below the specific instructions. 
    You can also specify the case will be a  Bridge in the spefic instructions. 

  • Do these prices include shipping? What is the coping in your advertisements that are 15.00 from STL?

    Please see our Zirconia Coping Page