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Alien Implant Titanium Bar

$ 299.00

Titanium Bar milled from your design.

We only mill Bars with Multi-Unit (Non-Engaging) platforms. 


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  • are these prices for bars per implant? or flat rate for the milled design

    Flat Rate

  • Can you mill bars from .stl file that I designed? I use the tru abutment scan bodies and design the bar with exocad. Can I send the construction file and the .stl file for you to mill?

    Yes we can. 
    The contruction file will help us. 
    Please send that too. 

    You can zip both files into one archive, and upload that.

  • Can you mill any kind of attachments like a locator attachment or the screw in part so you can add loctors to the bar yourself?

    No it needs to have a Multi-Unit abutments base

  • how long does it take?

    We need 3-5 days to mill Titanium Bars