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Alien™ Zirconia Coping

$ 15.00

Alien Zirconia Copings are the best selling Copings on Alien Copings are milling in our Milling Center located in USA, with Zirconia that is manufactured in the USA. Alien Zirconia Copings offer extreme strength, and can be used for Full Mouth restorations. Alien Zirconia copings have been tested, and proven to be a quality choice my labs across the USA.

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  • How long does it take to ship milled products to Finland and what are the costs?

    Procesing the order ussualy takes between 2-3 Business days. 

    For Shipping Times and costs please see this page

  • What is you delivery time?

    It Varies from model to STL File 
    Please have a look at our turnaround page.

  • Can you email me a label and add it to my bill. I'm a one person lab. That's how I've been sending them to CMC

    We apologize but we can not send a Pre-Paid way bill. All Customers are responsible to ship their own packages to Alien Milling Technologies. 

  • Is the bridge price still $15.00 per unit?

    Yes it is