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Nov 01, 23

New! Alien iBar and Anaxdent's "The Show" Multi-Layer Duo Cross Link (DCL)

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration that promises to redefine the standards of dental restoration. Alien Milling Technologies proudly presents the integration of the Alien iBar with Anaxdent's cutting-edge "The Show" Multi-Layer Duo Cross...

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Oct 04, 23

Watch Harvest Dental's exclusive video on Alien Milling

Step into the future of dental technology with Harvest Dental's exclusive video on Alien Milling. Join CEO Saro Hatzakortzian as he takes you on an immersive journey into the intricate world of Alien Milling,...

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Oct 03, 23

Alien Milling Technologies' Alien iBar Collection Dominates with 2023 JDT WOW Product of the Year

Introduction: Alien Milling Technologies has clinched the prestigious 2023 JDT WOW Product of the Year award from the National Association of Dental Labs, shining a spotlight on the revolutionary Alien iBar series. This victory underscores the...

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Aug 29, 23

Alien Milling CEO Featured in IDT Magazine - August 2023

Fearless Innovation: Alien Milling CEO's Advice on Embracing Technology Upgrades

In the August 2023 issue of IDT magazine, readers gain valuable insights from the visionary CEO of Alien...

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Alien Milling Technologies uses the latest and best technology in milling dental prosthetic, including Crowns and Bridges, implants and removable appliances. Alien Milling is a full service dental milling center. Alien Zirconia is milled in the USA.